Create Your Own Jokes

Another creative skill for Alexa

Create Your Own Jokes

Teach Alexa some new jokes to crack up your friends and family.  With Create Your Own Jokes, Alexa tells the jokes you write!

To get started, just enable the skill, giving it permission to access your Alexa lists (this is where your jokes live).  Next, say "Alexa, open MY jokes" to get your My Jokes list set up.

With your My Jokes list all set up, it's time to get funny. To add, remove, or edit a joke, simply open your Alexa app, choose Lists from the app menu, and then select the My Jokes list. We've entered a few jokes here to kick things off -- feel free to change or even delete them. Most of all, we're hoping you'll add a lot of your own jokes.

Now, to hear one of your jokes, just say, "Alexa, tell MY jokes"

Be as silly or as clever as you like.  Be pun-ny.  Write a riddle.  Or, maybe have Alexa recite a nonsensical poem.  It's all up to you!

Here are a few fun tips and tricks for getting the most out of this skill:

   French *flies*

   I'm crying, I'm _crying_

   Why do ducks have flat feet?  To put out forest fires.

Then, enter this follow-on joke:

   Why do elephants have flat feet?  To put out flaming ducks.

Alexa will always read these in order, ensuring our flaming ducks have the comedic impact they deserve.  With some creative planning, you could use this feature to group your jokes by theme -- start with knock-knock, move on to road-crossing poultry, and finish off with something black and white and red all over.  You could even create a story line!

*If you don't want a joke to be considered for use in the world-wide Create-Your-Own-Jokes cloud, you can exclude it from possible sharing by putting  [private]  at the end of any joke.

As you can see, there is a lot you can do with this skill.  And, we're interested to know how you're using it or what you'd like to see added to it.

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-The Create Your Own Jokes team